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[Download + Listen] Iggy Azalea In My Defense Full Album Here

[Download + Listen] Iggy Azalea In My Defense Full Album Here

Iggy Azalea In My Defense Full Album Download --

Iggy also debuted the artwork to opt for the album - which includes Iggy wearing a silver dress while soaked in blood while leaning up versus the side of her car. The Australian star required to her social media pages on Monday to share the questionable artwork, which shows the rapper slumped against an automobile, apparently dead, with blood behind her head. Iggy Azalea safeguards 'sickening' album cover revealing her brains splashed versus a vehicle.

In My Defense will be released worldwide on July 19. Gruesome: The album's artwork shows Iggy, who is wearing a slinky evening gown, slumped against an automobile in an empty parking lot covered in blood. The stunning cover reveals the Australian rap artist dropped 'dead' versus a cars and truck, with blood splashed against the side of the automobile.

Iggy Azalea is backing up her sickening" In My Defense album art work. Iggy Azalea - In My Defense (Album Cover) Fans will receive instant-grat track Just Wan na" with purchase, in addition to already launched Sally Walker" and Began," both of which will be consisted of on this album.

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