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Past projects have included sophisticated gaming and marketing platforms.  Zaloom was responsible for overseeing the design and development of Goplay, a B2B platform that enabled casino operators to embed (free-to-play) social games into their websites and reward users with incentives redeemable at land-based casinos.  These deployments were linked together, creating a virtual casino network.

Social Casino Gaming Systems

Goplay was the first open-source B2B platform optimized for social casino games. It was powered by GameStamper, a robust API that enabled developers who created Facebook games to effortlessly distribute content. 


The GameStamper API enabled developers to take a social casino game created for Facebook and effortlessly redeploy it to the Goplay casino network.  The minimal effort required provides a strong incentive for developers to work with Goplay.  

Goplay’s technology was free to use and casino operators were entitled to a share of the profits.  The operator was only responsible for promoting their own website to the existing customer base.  Goplay was an important and powerful tool for many casino online marketing departments.  It enabled operators to decrease costs of maintaining a customer while increasing their LTV (Lifetime Value).


Keeping users engaged a paramount objective of the project.  As the Goplay embedded portals were linked together, users enjoyed the sense of community and sufficient liquidity (numbers of players to play against/with).  Social networking features also allowed users to interact and promote gaming activity to off-site friends.

Once games were integrated they became available to any casino operator that downloaded the Goplay widgets – small, efficient packets of code no larger than a display add.  Goplay’s self-serve platform enabled those operators to publish games in a matter of hours.


Goplay has cloned/white-labeled its technology to enable branded virtual casinos, thus enabling operators to enhance their online profiles.  Users never left the home site; there were no popups or redirects, making for an organic and engaging web experience. 

Goplay also enabled its publishing partners to move beyond virtual into real world perks.  Publishing partners were able to send in-game promotional messages that incentivized customer visits to land-based casinos. Via the publisher dashboard, operators were able to push real-world awards: i.e. discounted lodging, show tickets, dinners, etc. in the form of coupons that users could print out and redeem at the casino.

Incentives earned via the Goplay promo program did not require players to make purchases; perks were instead awarded for 1) usage, i.e. frequency of check ins, time on site, number of friends invited, executing tasks such as survey; or 2) randomly posted, time-sensitive advertisements.  As users were not required to pay to play, the program adhered with established gaming regulations. 


Keeping track of all this data, Goplay created a robust publisher dashboard with a complete set of analytics.  Operators could evaluate how games performed as well as user demographics.  Additional publisher tools included content selection and user data downloads (i.e. CSV email files).  

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